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Episode 292 - 2019 Groundhopping Special #Full Episode#

October 15, 2019

We ran a teaser for this (originally) Patreon-only Groundhopping Special during the last international break, now we're pleased to present the full episode, featuring masters of the genre Chris Hough and Stuart Woodward, who have both been there, done that, and eaten the beef tongue.

We begin with Gamba Osaka's home, the Panasonic Stadium Suita, stay in Kansai by chatting about Kobe's Noevir Stadium (from 27:47), then move on to a Nagano double attack of (J3) Parceiro's Nagano U Stadium and Matsumoto's Alwin Stadium (from 42:05), before finishing off with Chris's first J.League ground, and one of Stuart's favorites - the Yurtec Stadium in Sendai.

Stadium access, facilities, and general matchday experiences are all covered here, as well as thoughts on some of the cities themselves, to hopefully whet your appetites for a new J.League-watching sojourn.

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