The J-Talk Podcast

Episode 353 - J1 Preview Part 2: Ups & Downs

February 9, 2021

In Part 2 of our J1 previews we begin with Sendai, who look set to struggle massively again even after the (re)arrival of Makoto Teguramori to the Yurtec Stadium dugout (to 11:30), then move to the south to chat about perennial powerhouse Kashima, who might just be poised to strike in a season free of ACL commitments (to 24:08).

Then Ryan Steele hops on board to discuss Urawa, one of the most fascinating teams to watch this season under the command of Ricardo Rodriguez (to 54:30).

Next cab off the rank is Kashiwa, who are yet to fill their Michael Olunga-shaped hole up front (to 1:06:35), before Ben ums and ahs his way through a discussion about FC Tokyo.

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